Mary in London: hunger and unhappiness

Using a quotation from Gandhi Mary has drawn our attention to the futility of beauty unless it is used to ensure that equality is for all.


West Everton Community Council protest patches

During our Scouse and Stitch night a load of us made some great patches for the bed-in. Here are some of the wonderful creations made that night:

zap adventure play, Everton: children’s protest patches

The kids at Zap Adventure Playground in Everton made some patches from felt for the bed-in. They are particularly concerned about issues that face young people today. They want to ensure that people take safeguarding seriously, that everyone has the right to access to good housing, that adults take their views into consideration when  making policy about play and that they have open spaces to play in. Here are some of their patches (more can be found on the craftivist flickr site).



the protest duvet starts to take shape

With just over a week to go until the bed-in (11am – 4pm, Wednesday 1st Dec) the remarkable craftivist Sarah Corbett is putting together the beautiful patches that have arrived at ‘and sew to bed’ HQ. As you can see (below) it is starting to look amazing! If you’ve contributed…can you see your patch?


the free university of liverpool

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home is run out of a council property bedroom in Everton, Liverpool. They gave us a piece of their red banner that has previously been used for many creative protests and demonstrations. The white piece of material was torn from the duvet they used for their bed-in at the bluecoat in October – where they protested against university tuition fees. One of the significant activist innovations that the institute has instigated this year has been to develop the Free University of Liverpool. The university will offer undergraduate level teaching for free as a reaction to the current government’s plans to increase the fees for students who wish to attend other universities.

sarah housley london: protest about the cuts

Sarah wrote this because the UK coalition (Conservatives and Liberal Democrats) are making huge cuts to the budget and they will hit the poorest the most.

german craftivists making protest patches

Patches have been arriving at ‘and sew to bed’ bed-in HQ from across the world. Today’s patches have come from Germany.