Claire wrote:

The Beatles’ song “All You Need Is Love” is one of their greatest and most popular tunes, and the title is almost a cliche. Everyone thinks, yeah, nice idea but actually love on its own doesn’t get you very far!

Love encompasses compassion, humanity and human understanding, which it’s true are feelings and sentiments rather than actions. But it is a positive and active feeling, and love is an energy that requires to be acted upon. Love is about standing up against poverty, injustice and unfairness, and sometimes you even have to fight for that – in the name of love, but also peace, justice, equality and freedom for all people. If you feel love and compassion then you have a duty to act on it, not just sit back and let war, poverty, injustice and inequality persist around you.

I think John Lennon and Yoko Ono understood that when they staged their bed-in for peace. They looked a bit crazy to most people, and their action appeared passive, but through their bed-in they raised awareness about war in the media throughout the world, which in itself was an extremely effective piece of action.

This craftivist quilt project might also seem quite gentle and rather passive, but its message is strong and clear, and by uniting so many people in making this quilt the message for peace and equality becomes even stronger.