Simeon looked at the pictures of other people’s patches and wanted to make one. So… how to start to talk about inequality with a 3 year old? It went like this:

Who do you like to share toys with?

Remy … I love sharing trains with Remy, Remy is a little boy like me.

Do you share your toys with Esther?

I will share with Esther but not my hospital.

Why not your hospital?

Esther is too small for my hospital.

That’s very sensible, do you share your hospital with Remy?

Yes because he’s the same as me so he will share it.

Matthew is a bigger boy than me mummy and Harry is reeeeeally big!

And do they share their toys with you?

Not all, I am toooooo small mummy.

So if someone is the same as you then you should share with them?

Oh yes!

So inequality would be if you didn’t share with them.

That’s sad.

Yes its not fair.

No not fair.

Mummy I will grow and be really big too! – maybe.

So what could we do a picture of about inequality?

Err err err FISH!


Yes a big fish is me and a little fish is Esther.

Sometimes the big fish eats the little fish, gobble gobble, burp!

Fish have googly eyes please.

And so he summed up my fear for him as he grows in independence into the world … there’s always a bigger fish out there who might just gobble you up, or at the least he’s going to have to struggle and reason with things that aren’t fair, learning from them, being shaped by them whilst trying to continue to become all that he has been created to be.