Ally from Liverpool writes:

I am reading The Spirit level at the moment and was inspired by the brief of the project as I feel really strongly that inequality effects us all – tis a great way to let your thought out through embroidery. The first patch I did says ‘Such are the vast assets of the rich that giving up a small part of their wealth could transform the lives of millions’ and was a quote from Duncan green, head of research at oxfam – i found it when looking for stats on inequality levels on the guardian website. Whist I was making this patch I was watching Dispatches – How the rich beat the tax man and kept hearing the phrase – ‘We are all in this together’ and I kept thinking really?? which led me to the second patch!

Ally in bed!

If you have been inspired by Ally’s’s work (or any other patches or ideas on this blog) then do get in touch with Ellen Loudon to get involved with the project: