Kim wrote about her protest patch (above with Kim):

Berta, from Columbia, has lost seven siblings through the conflict in Columbia, she has lost her only son who disappeared in 2001. She is not recognised as a victim by the government, so has not been given support or compensation.

The tragedy started 11 May 1992 when the paramilitaries first came to Barrancabermeja. They started killing people from trade unions.

Berta now takes care of her remaining family, a nephew and niece of her sister’s, as well as doing cleaning jobs. Her nephew wants to study but Berta can’t send him to university. Berta says: “In 15 years lots of people have died, and it’s the government’s responsibility, whichever armed group was to blame.”

“It’s not just me, so many people who are mourning. I have 8 dead, we just ask for the violence to stop, so that it can be like before.”

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