Liverpool actress, comedienne and stitcher Ronnie Kelly has taken inspiration from her recent production of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist inspired by the novel by Robert Tressell. Ronnie writes about her protest patch:

The patch with the kids on (above) has a line from the Ragged Trousered Philanthropist. This had a strong impact on me as this sentiment is what keeps people down.  The feeling that “I do not deserve” “I am not good enough “. That’s not for the likes of us epitomizes how working class people have been made to feel.

Ronnie has offered 2 patches to the project (which is very generous) She writes of her second patch above:

…this symbolises reaching hands trying grab the stars and fighting for the few buttons (money).  The other side reflects the unfair distrbution of wealth with the symbol of a hand under the money tree receiving an abundance of wealth for no effort at all.

If you hve been inspired by Ronnie’s work (or any other patches or ideas on this blog) then do get in touch with Ellen Loudon to get involved with the project: