Liverpool writer Esther Wilson felt that she couldn’t create a protest patch for us so she wrote us something instead…


It seems to me that we are all in need of a little kindness. We can never have too much of it.  In fact an abundance would be a really wonderful thing….it wouldn’t go off, disintegrate or die.  It would just spill over & perpetuate itself in order to be utilised by any person or creature in need of it.

Kindness is a lovely word. It really suits itself. It’s not a big, shouty, kind of word one might hear in a declaration or a proclamation. It’s a quiet word.  And despite its eight letters it’s a small word. Try saying it. It evokes a warm feeling in your tummy and the back of your throat. (Of course reactions are personal but….everyone will have one)

If it was a colour I think it would be the colour of the light over the Mersey during a spectacular sunset.

If it was a shape it would be one of those hologram type circles that are constantly in motion and sometimes make you feel a bit sick and go all boss-eyed.

But what is remarkable about it is…it often appears in little, teeny guises.  A smile. The wink of an eye. The touch of a shoulder. A squeeze of a hand.  A hug. A letter of condolence. A celebratory card. A funny remark. An apology.  A chinking of glasses. A cup of tea. A piece of cake. A tune. A song. A dance. A text message. Two kisses at the bottom of an email. A hot meal. A fiver or a ten pence piece.  Laughter and/or silence.

For me, our reactions to the little, teeny things are its strength. It’s hard to be cruel in the face of it or to scorn or mock it. It somehow manages to connect us. Every human being has been on the receiving end of it. Not often enough of course but we are able to recognise it when it shows it’s beautiful face. I’d like to celebrate it.

Alas among the many things that I can’t do well, sewing is one of them. But if I could make you a patch for your quilt it would have the words ‘In Celebration of Kindness’ on it.

Liverpool writer Esther Wilson felt that she couldn’t create a protest patch for us so she wrote us something instead…if you’d like to write something or make a film or record as protest song (or whatever takes your fancy) then please do get in touch with Ellen Loudon –